Running an exchange is a task full of responsibilities and we would like to ensure that our task is done right. Therefore, we prefer to have a multi-layered check for every minutest work that we do. In the meanwhile, we would like to extend our sincere thanks for the consistent support that we have been receiving from your end since the launch of the Beta phase of our exchange. This endeavour would not have been possible without your indomitable support.

We have plans to move out of the Beta phase in the month of November and initiate our market making process. Gradually, volumes on every counter are expected to rise. We also have liquidity partners who are eagerly waiting to extend their services.

In the Beta phase, you can participate in trading that is live on our trading platform and get acquainted with the features. We firmly believe that there is always room for improvement. Therefore, the ‘report bug’ option has been kept open. If you spot a bug on our exchange platform, you can simply click on the option and shoot your feedbacks and suggestions along with the details of the bug. Your feedback is valuable to us. It not only does help us improve the quality of the product but also the services that we offer.

Let’s have a look at the major happenings of the Beta phase of the exchange:

  1. Mobile Site: As depicted by our roadmap, the next significant event is the UI launch of the mobile website. We understand that a fully-functional mobile site is a necessary requisite for every trader in order to have a hassle-free trading experience on the go. Our team is skillfully working on it to make it a roaring success.
  2. Referral Payouts: We are enhancing our referral payout scheme. As per plans, you will be entitled to 20% benefit on your referral’s trading in the respective cryptocurrency as soon as the trading is executed. We are also striving to make our referral payout process more responsive.
  3. Withdrawals: Our withdrawal process currently takes 72 hours to be executed. Our team is working towards pacifying the process. In the next phase, the withdrawals will happen within 24 hours.
  4. Security Load Testing: This is a type of performance testing which takes software testing technique into account in order to examine the behaviour of the software program under extreme conditions. Our exchange is undergoing this rigorous process. This would undoubtedly help us have a clear picture of the robustness of the platform.
  5. Stabilize Operations: We have a dedicated team that always toils to ensure that the current operations of the Beta exchange are at par with the expectations of our traders.
  6. User-friendly Interface: Our backend team has been working to introduce some additional features to the already existing interface which will make your trading experience more convenient and better.

Eventually, we will also be listing more coins on our trading platform.

If you face any issues related to Beta trading on our platform, you can either get it resolved on chat or raise a support ticket that will be addressed at the earliest by our efficient customer support team.

Don’t miss out on our updates. You can either watch out for this space or stay tuned to our announcements on latest updates at