BINEX.TRADE incentivises BEX holding traders

In the recent five years, trading industry and professional traders have grown multifold. This is especially after the arrival of cryptocurrency market that has a provision of more bandwidth for the expansion of trading industry in general and day traders in particular.

Currently, as a business practice, crypto-exchanges have a one-way provision, under which every trader pays a portion of their trading commission with the respective exchange on which they are trading. Here, BINEX.TRADE wishes to improve the general business to a more innovative and trader-friendly practice.

We at BINEX.TRADE introduces, one of its kind a two-way provision that will enable maintenance of exchange and in return will share a trading commission with its users, generated on the exchange. The 70 percent of the trading commission proportionally will be shared with the trader on a daily basis.

Hence, a surety of a takeaway earning for a trader is confirmed that will ensure an indirect saving of cryptocurrency for the traders in his exchange wallet for the future trading, regardless of individual trading expertise in the trading market.

BINEX.TRADE will ensure to introduce one of the best and healthy practices in the competitive crypto-exchange business. We will make sure that every trader that is participating in the day trading with us does not go home without a shared commission. To make it simple, our pre-registration of BEXtoken (a real utility ERC20 token) is currently open.

The holding of BEX token will ensure that you receive 70% of trading commission on the exchange and for you to make best out of this opportunity is by ongoing pre-registration. 5 BEX tokens are freely available for every pre-registration entry until 60K users. To get your 5 BEX token today visit our website now and earn the incentive to trade it almost for free.

May you visit us at for more information, while 5 BEX tokens are awaiting you at the pre-registration.