Binex.Trade Unveils Its Mobile User Interface

Binex.Trade has just unveiled its mobile user interface. The user interface has been designed from ground up to be immediately accessible to new users. The emphasis for the design approach is towards building a trustworthy and user friendly platform. Apart from this, the UI uses a nuanced approach where even advanced traders shall find a plethora of options that would allow them to make the best of their cryptocurrency investments. The interface is segregated into market, book, rewards, wallet and an additional options section.

The intuitive design approach ensures that the time spent by the users on the app is minimal, and they can get all the information that they need on a single page. The information is divided in a concise manner so as not clutter the design interface while giving users everything that they need in seamless fashion.

Some of these features provide insight into the various opportunities in the market, and allow traders to take informed decisions. Binex.Trade has also made a conscious move to focus only on cryptocurrency trading to reduce the volatility that comes when cryptocurrencies are paired against fiat currencies. The design approach offers a panoramic view of the cryptocurrency market so as to keep users abreast of the latest developments.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our pre-registered users and we also expect more users to register and get the benefit of 5 BEX tokens.

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