Binex.Trade uses an innovative approach for community building

Binex.Trade, an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform, aspires to build a community around cryptocurrency trading. The platform through its innovative BEX token system endeavours to foster transparency and trust on the exchange. The innovative BEX token system that Binex.Trade uses shares 70% of its trading commission with token holders; BEX tokens are essentially utility tokens that offer traders the incentive of sharing the revenue produced by Binex.Trade daily.

Apart from this, Binex.Trade shall also undertake various community building initiatives in the days to come. The BEX token system lays the foundation for equitable distribution as an individual user can purchase merely up to 1000 BEX tokens and a minimum of 100 BEX tokens. Everyone has a great idea, now and then, but the difficulty lies in its execution.

Since it is here that effort, skill and the ability to deal with obstacles is required. Today, in the age of information, crowdsourcing has emerged as a novel method to generate the funds required to execute ideas. At its core, the idea is to crowdsource financial knowledge and become a social trading platform in a decentralized economy.

Thus Binex.Trade will act as a platform that shall not only aid veteran investors, but also those who are new to cryptocurrencies. It will act as a virtual community for information sharing as well as trading on cryptocurrencies. Finally, Binex.Trade is a cryptocurrency exchange that shall redefine the sharing economics with BEX tokens and decentralization to offer delivery gains to stakeholders on a regular basis.

The BEX token sale is already live with an overall supply of 21 million BEX tokens where 1 million has been allocated to founders and advisors, 1 million allocated for pre-registration bonuses and the remaining 19 million are up for sale to the public. Over 2000 traders have already pre-registered on the platform.

Visit us at for more information, and receive 5 BEX tokens for signing up during the pre-registration.