BINEX.TRADE’s Alpha Launch Is Here!

The most awaited moment of celebration for BINEX.TRADE and BEX Token holders has finally arrived with the Alpha Launch on 17th July 2018. It appears that as if the time has just flown by in these two long months of a journey of the crowdsale, and one more month+ to go for the BEX Token sale. However, we cherish the unprecedented support that crypto-community has showered in the process with emerged belief in the utility of BEX Token.

The tireless hours of ideation, acceptance and rejection of ideas and themes have undergone as a part of any ordinary entrepreneurial office indoor drama for many months before we could launch the crowdsale for BEX Tokens. Nevertheless, the continued support by the crypto-community, since the inception of the exchange, has made this ordinary idea, of sharing back 70% of the trading commission with the BEX Token holders on the exchange, truly into an experiential reality of phenomenal relevance.

We take this in our stride that despite the volatility of the market, we as an exchange, in our earnest endeavour, are able to foster belief in the trading community with continued efforts to reach out to the traders and users in the crypto market system. Whereas, in response, we earned optimistic fervor and confidence from the current BEX Token holders at the exchange that vigoured us to reach our dream to reach the whole nine yards before the end of crowdsale by the upcoming BETA launch.

This Alpha launch will be an experiential exposure of the exchange for our users for exploring the trading system. At the same time, it will be testing ground for us to gauge any website bugs, if any faced by any of our users based anywhere in the world. This will provide feedback for us to further embellish our BETA version with more sophistication and precision. Here, it only goes to suggest that our research and development team has worked more than expected long hours to bring ALPHA version of the exchange to your personal computer screens.

The Ambassador Program at BINEX.TRADE is launched and all the relevant details of the same are available on the website. We request all our BEX Token holders at the exchange to kindly spread the word in your peer-network and apply yourself if you think you can be a catalyst in the process to bring a progressive change.