Binex.Trade’s Ambassador program shall change the rules of the game

Binex would never be here without our beloved community.

As Binex.Trade’s beta launch draws closer, the exchange has unveiled its brand ambassador program to foster the growth of its community. The brand ambassador program has a lot to offer for traders and investors on the platform. It is catered especially to those who aspire to be the voice of change in the cryptocurrency community.

Due to the overwhelming interest in participating in the Binex Token Sale, our team wants to give our community members a chance to participate and be a part of our journey.

We believe our Ambassador Program will be a fair and transparent Token Distribution to integrate the voice and talents of our community with the hard work and dedication of our team, thus continuing the Binex story far and wide.

We want to use this campaign as an opportunity to reward our true supporters for engaging with the community. Therefore, you can achieve Ambassador status by demonstrating that you have understood the mission and objectives of Binex.

The amount of token allocation will be dependent on successful completion of the task. As our team wants to review the quality, time, effort and originality of all submissions, we will be manually reviewing and vetting all the Binex Ambassador Program submissions.

The Influencer campaigns are focused on social media, ICO Review Sites etc. and high-quality original content with good outreach via Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Youtube.

The brand ambassador program has been engineered to be an extremely rewarding experience. Upon being selected, you will get to act as the face of our platform in your country and shall be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

Some factors which will influence your score are:

– Type of audience

– Quality and accuracy of the content

– Quality of the video or post

– Outreach potential

Percentage wise allocation of BEX

Social Media — 10

Messaging App — 10

Content Creation — 50

YouTube — 30

Do let us know why should we select you. When you submit your application don’t forget to mention your country, Twitter account, Bitcointalk account, or other forums crypto related from your country.

After we receive your application a screening process will begin. We will select our best applicants (based on the criteria) and we can get started.

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