Binex.Trade’s infusion of additional 1 million BEX tokens enhances value proposition

Owing to the tremendous response received during the pre-registration process, Binex.Trade has sweetened the deal for early birds on the cryptocurrency exchange. Now, an additional 1 million BEX tokens have been made available for the referral, ambassador and pre-registration programs on the website. This increases the total number of BEX tokens that can be earned via these programs to 2 million. The total number of BEX tokens in circulation shall still continue to be 21 million thereby not diminishing the value of the individual tokens.

The BEX tokens offer a unique value proposition as 70% of the trading commission will be shared among token holders on a daily basis. The number of BEX tokens that can be purchased has been capped to a maximum of 1000 and a minimum of 100 to ensure that the tokens are distributed in an equitable fashion.

Binex.Trade’s approach differs from that of an initial coin offering as the BEX Tokens were created to enhance transparency and trust in the exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange has increased the tokens available via referrals to help build a stronger cryptocurrency exchange community. The Binex.Trade platform endeavors to go beyond the vagaries of a mere cryptocurrency exchange by building a strong community to aid the growth of decentralized digital assets.

The referral, ambassador and pre-registration programs will create an inclusive market for growth. In essence, an individual gets 1 BEX token for every person he refers for the pre-registration process. Additionally, he gets a 5 percent benefit for any BEX token purchase that the person he has referred makes. This creates an ecosystem for growth within the exchange.

Binex.Trade is expected to introduce several offers for registered users and coming aboard on on telegram is the best way to keep yourself updated about various new exchange related developments.

Do visit us at for more information, and receive 5 free BEX tokens for signing up during the pre-registration.

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