Crowdsale Ends: An Incredible Journey So Far

It’s been an ecstatic experience till now and we express gratitude beyond words to thank you for your continued support during the crowdsale. It has been just five months since BINEX started with its first step i.e. Listing the ICO on March 9th, 2018. We always knew it would be a long way to get to our goal but the stupendous response by our traders has compelled us to drop the curtains way before the stipulated date. Owing to that, we’ve covered the journey from 0 to 18 Million in a short span of five months.

The BINEX.TRADE Crowdsale will now end on August 17th, 2018. During our journey we witnessed participation from over 192K crypto enthusiasts. Our Referral, Ambassador and Bug Bounty Program were also well reciprocated and 1 Million Bonus BEX out of 2 Million has already been rewarded to the users.

We need your support henceforth to elevate the exchange to a level where it becomes the people’s exchange in literal terms. BINEX was created for the people and will always work towards providing the best to them. We are eagerly waiting to unveil the Exchange Launch. BINEX had promised to deliver a hassle free and secure trading platform and will live up to its words.

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