Driving Participation, Delivering Growth: What Constitutes BINEX.TRADE’s Referral Program?

The notion of brilliant people walking down the less-crowded road is slightly overdone, as the current trend is about racing ahead of your competition and defining the path which is going to be the real game changer in the years to come.

The truth is, you don’t have to pull-off something extraORDINARY to be recognized, all you have to do is, be a little prudent about your word and follow the path that leads to your goal.

After the coining of the term blockchain, everybody blatantly started to focus on making the best use of it, without stressing over the need to widen its reach or their approach so as to make the dark meet the light.

What is the purpose of innovation when a significant number of people don’t recognize it or are benefited from it?

What is the need of innovating further when we can’t solve the real problems of today?

Why don’t we intend to establish trust before building the large part of our marketing campaign?

These are some of the ways by which brands attempt to gain user engagement for the maximum impact of their campaigns:

  • Giveaways
  • Referral Program
  • Ads. Ads. Ads.

Out of them, only referral program comes with a slightly genuine ring to it, as you wouldn’t bring your friend to a platform, whose policies you don’t trust and rewards that are either “too good to be true” or self-hypnotic.

Every new venture is ironically supposed to follow the same trail as its predecessors seem to have left behind, however, it only depends on you and whether you are ready to give up some of the perks to satisfy the higher purpose or not?

Which brings me to my next point, the hefty trade fees charged by cryptocurrency exchanges to accommodate transactions of the traders!

Is it appropriate? Viable? Or has somebody already started to revolutionize the system?

Yes, the saga of change has begun and there is no stopping it anymore.

One such innovation is BINEX.TRADE, a tokenized cryptocurrency exchange which shares 70% of the daily trade revenue with its users to relish their notion of redistribution of wealth and smiles among the users.

This is accomplished with the help of BEX tokens, a native utility token which is available to buy between the range of 100 to 1000 during crowdsale on BINEX.TRADE’s website.

After crowdsale, you are free to trade them with other cryptocurrencies or can purchase more of them from other token holders.

The number of BEX tokens that are available for general public to purchase is clocked at 18 Million and the unsold ones are going to be distributed proportionally amongst the final tally of token holders, right after the ICOends.

But, what is the viability of such major economy reforms without enough active participation?

Dubious, to be very precise.

Hence, major revenue sharing exchanges rely on strong word of mouth, with the aid of strong content architecture and lucrative promises.

The success of which can be accomplished only by churning out more and more number of empathetic supporters and nurturing resources, altogether.

Hence, BINEX.TRADE is encouraging its referral program without falling prey to the alluring ‘larger than life’ picture, so as to make the campaign look authentic and believable to say the very least:

  • First 60K signups are entitled to 5 BEX tokens, next 100K to 3 BEX and the latecomers 400K to 1 BEX each.
  • You can refer umpteen number of friends during referral program, to get 1 BEX for each signup and 5% of BEX from each order of BEX that they place on Binex.Trade during ICO.
  • The referred user will also get 5% discount on his/her purchase of BEX during ICO.

Say for example:

Peter uses Mark’s referral code to signup on BINEX.TRADE, and he is the 60,001’st signup on BINEX.TRADE, hence Peter will receive 3 BEX as the signup bonus, whereas Mark will get 1 BEX for the same.

Now, assuming Peter (referred user) purchases 100 BEX during ICO, he will have to pay only for the 95 BEX to get 100 BEX (5% discount), and as per the referral program guidelines, 5% of the BEX i.e. 5 BEX, will be directly credited into Mark’s (referrer’s) account, once the payment is successful.

The same transaction pattern will hold true for every BEX purchase a referred user shall make on the exchange during ICO.

So, don’t wait anymore, let’s see who can make the largest chunk of profits out of our referral program.

BINEX.TRADE reserves the complete right to cancel a person’s candidature in case of any discrepancies, such as he or she is proven to have employed unsolicited means to subside the actual meaning of referral program or is found to have not adhered to the overall ethics and guidelines of a referral program in general.

Do visit us at BINEX.TRADE for more information, and receive free BEX tokens on pre-registration.

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