Feature Enhancement Update of BINEX.TRADE

In this competitive market scenario, it is imperative to keep updating the existing features of a cryptocurrency exchange in order to live up to the expectations of the crypto traders. Moreover, the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ does stand tall during intense competition. BINEX.TRADE religiously follows the age-old concepts of evolution.

The tech team at BINEX.TRADE is always on the lookout for state-of-the-art technologies. Besides aiding in the survival, feature enhancement serves another significant purpose too. It helps the traders churn maximum benefits out of the trading platform.

However, it is pivotal to keep the ease of accessibility intact. Working on the improvement of the features while keeping the trading platform user-friendly is undoubtedly challenging. BINEX.TRADE team ensures that the challenge is accepted with absolute zeal.

Let’s talk about the latest features that have rolled out after the release of the demo platform:

1.Bug Report:Traders can report about any bug that they stumble upon by clicking this option. All they have to do is fill a form with the necessary details. Our tech team will review the report and get back to the person via email within 2–3 business days. The team will also update the status of the bug reported post evaluation on the featured list of the total bugs reported. Traders can track the progress of the bug report too.

This will not only aid the trading platform get efficacious and bug-free but also prove to be quite lucrative for the observant traders. They will be rewarded handsomely for submitting authentic bug reports. BINEX.TRADEhas announced a reward of up to 1000 BEX tokens for every successfully reviewed and approved report.

2. Feedback and Suggestions: This space is exclusively for the traders where they can speak their mind across. Our team is open to the suggestions and feedback they have regarding the improvement of our trading platform. This will, in turn, help us deliver nothing but the best.

3. Reports: This section includes four prototypes — Trades, Balance, Rewards, Login History

Trades — A trader can gain an insight into the timestamp of trading, cryptocurrency pair traded, bought/sold status, amount traded, the price at which the trade took place, trading fees incorporated, and the final price at which the trade was closed.

Balance — It aids the traders in having an easy access to the amount of cryptocurrency credited to and debited from the exchange wallet on a given date and time. It also displays the remaining balance.

Rewards — This category displays the final figures of the trading volume for each day, commission generated, the token share of the trader, earnings per token, tokens held in the wallet and daily calculated payout.

Login History — It keeps a track of every login taking place on the trading platform and displays the date of login, time of login, IP address, device, and the OS and browser from which the login happened.

Please watch out for this space as we come up with the update of some more interesting features in the coming days. You can also stay tuned to our updates on TelegramFacebook, and Twitter.