How Binex.Trade safeguards itself against a fluctuating regulatory environment?

Decentralization is the name of the game today. As such, the idea of a decentralized digital asset is immensely appealing. However, the fact remains that government regulations, more often than not, do have an impact on how cryptocurrencies function. Cryptocurrency marketplaces like exchanges are especially affected by local regulations. Binex.Trade is well versed with the geo-political situations and has taken steps to ensure that its users are protected from the vagaries of geo-political regulatory fluctuations.

For instance, the recent regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies led to several exchanges in India shutting down or moving abroad. It is interesting to note that not all countries are opposed to cryptocurrencies and there are those like Germany, Japan and the UK among others who have implemented policies that favour cryptocurrencies instead.

This is a wise move as a crackdown on cryptocurrencies would only impel the creation of a parallel economy. In many ways, countries that have policies to stop cryptocurrency trading create an outlet for black money thereby worsening an already dire economic situation.

Binex.Trade has its servers based in Estonia; a country that has a regulatory framework that favours the growth of cryptocurrencies. So much so that the country has even launched its own government backed cryptocurrency. Not trading against fiat currencies directly is a conscious decision by the exchange to foster transparency and bring down volatility.

Binex.Trade also shares 70 % of its trading commission with its users through its BEX tokens on a daily basis. Traders can purchase a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 1000 BEX tokens. This ensures the equitable distribution of tokens and enhances transparency within the exchange.

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