Market Analysis Report for BINEX.TRADE

With several new ICOs hitting the market, traders and investors might be confused with the selection of the right ICO. Since there has been a lot of turbulence in the ICO market due to frauds and unsuccessful ICOs, it makes it even more necessary to research well before investing in any new ICO.

To make it a little easier for you, we have come up with an ICO that might be a reasonable choice for the majority of the traders and investors. BINEX.TRADE, a Singapore based Exchange, operates on a global level and has a lot to offer to the public.

BINEX.TRADE has launched its own native utility token called BEX token. The key feature of BEX is that the holders of this token are entitled to receive a share in the revenue generated from the trading commission. BINEX.TRADEoffers 70% of the trade commission revenue to the public. In short, 70% of the trading revenue will be distributed among BEX holders.

The Founders had a different objective when they came up with the idea of a Revenue Sharing Exchange. The company plans to induce cryptocurrency in the day to day transactions by providing better means of earning.

The BINEX team plans to achieve this in the form of BEX and some more upcoming projects that work on cryptocurrency. BEX is based on Ethereum and is built on ERC20 smart contract. Though it’s not the first exchange that shares revenue, it is definitely the highest offering Exchange of the decade.

The website provides the Founders social profile link for LinkedIn, and you can also find their Twitter and Facebook profile easily on the web. Vishal Gupta, the CEO, has been working in the industry for the past 5 years. Vishal co-founded Bitcoin Alliance India in 2014, a non-profit organization that encouraged the Indian market towards bitcoin investment.

He then established SearchTrade, a search platform that allows its users to ‘own’ keywords and earn in Bitcoins while they search on the internet. He also engages with various law firms and government departments to help them understand Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies.

BINEX.TRADE has generated 21 Million BEX and is offering 18 Million BEX to the general public in a Crowdsale. The remaining 3 Million BEX is reserved as Founders share and Bonus to be distributed for Pre Registration, Referral, and Ambassador Program. The ICO started on the 9th of March, 2018 and to date, we have sold 9 Million BEX with 80K+ Pre Registrations.

Selling 5 Million BEX was the first Milestone achieved by the company, and we are looking forward to meeting targets within the stipulated time frame. The Exchange has a lower and upper limit for buying BEX during ICO. BINEX.TRADE wants the Users to reap maximum benefit through large volumes of trading. So for maximum participation from Traders and Investors, we have set the limit.

BINEX.TRADE plans to launch the Alpha version of the Exchange on 17th of July, 2018. The company will launch the Exchange with the basic features initially, and after live testing, shall launch the Beta version which will be packed with advanced features.

We also researched the web to find out how the Exchange has been rated on various ICO Analytics Platforms. As per the ratings from Coin Market Plus, ICO Street, and ICO Bench BINEX.TRADE fairs moderately.