Monthly Progress Report of BINEX.TRADE (01/06/2018–30/06/2018)

First and foremost, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the users who have pre-registered with us at BINEX.TRADE and have contributed overwhelmingly in the BEX token crowdsale. It gives us immense pleasure to announce that our trading platform is on the verge of rolling out.

We believe, figures speak louder than words! Let us quickly take a look at the statistics which throw light on this month’s progress:

This month at BINEX.TRADE has been spectacular in terms of achieving our first milestone. 5 million BEX tokens were sold and still counting. We closed the month with the sale of 6,937,320 BEX tokens.

Moreover, the graph has been exponential in terms of the number of pre-registered trading accounts. The closing figures of pre-registrations are 64,584.

As we approach the alpha launch, we would like to ensure that our trading platform is stable, functional and user-friendly. Therefore, extensive feature enrichment of our desktop version is underway.

With every milestone, come underlying responsibilities! We aspire to provide our users with a fully functional desktop as well as mobile version of the exchange where they can trade their cryptocurrency, check order history and explore market trends with the help of the features; market depth and market charts. Primarily, BINEX.TRADE is focusing on the preparations for the launch, this month.

However, we are not confined to preparations only. Our team is always on the go with exciting user-centric programs for community building at the exchange.

BINEX.TRADE Ambassador Program

Our team at BINEX.TRADE has launched the Ambassador program which is tailored towards working with crypto traders on creating more awareness and expanding our horizon globally to form an international BINEX.TRADE community. This month has witnessed the announcement of this inclusive initiative far and wide. For more details, visit

Announcement of Top Referral Program

BINEX.TRADE announced a lucrative “Top Referral Program” for its registered users, providing them an opportunity to hold more native tokens known as BEX tokens. Interested users may refer to to gain an insight into the participation process.

BINEX.TRADE Blog Went Live

In order to keep the users updated about the crypto market, our team has created our blog pertaining to the market scenario and trends. We are thrilled to inform that our blog site is live and fully functional. You may read some intriguing articles at

That’s all for the month!

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