Power of BEX Token

Token, by a definitional inference symbolises to be a voucher that represents a particular asset or utility in a given space. However, the underlying soul in any exchange is the trust factor about the token being exchanged between the two exchangers that will propel them to have more of such transactions in future.

The BEX Token allows every trader on BINEX.TRADE platform to trade cryptocurrencies and in return ensures that they will avail the commission payout in every 24 hours. Investment in BEX Tokens provide 70% of trading commission which is proportionally shared among the traders.

The power of BEX Token compliments the trading process on BINEX.TRADE by being paired among the other top cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Along with the BEX market, ETH, BTC & USDT are the trading markets available on the platform.

The token’s utility worth is determined by the value it brings to the market place and BEX Token ensures to return commission earned on a daily basis. The impeccable nature of BEX Token works on its own in favour of its holder by adding up the daily commission to the holders’ account wallet. Be a part of pre-registration and invest in the BEX Token for fair returns.

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