Refined, Recalibrated but Revolutionary nonetheless, Explore the World of BINEX, Now on 28th AUG

Dear BINEX Traders,

We at BINEX, receive hundreds of queries everyday, and within those queries, there are certain messages of faith and partnership that reaffirm our faith in the project that we believe in.

Your astounding support has generated a feeling of joy and dedication amongst us, and is the sole reason behind what we are today and will be in the nearest future, for which a simple thank you cannot be enough.

To reciprocate your love and trust, all we can do is work with 200 times more confidence and 400 times more enthusiasm, and deliver to you all what was promised and within the time-frame that we all had foreseen.

However, the process of making an exchange is a time-honoured one; also, we were continuously facing challenges, which we had to address to come out with flying colours.

Hence, acknowledging the moral responsibility that we all have to fulfill, we would like to take this opportunity to share the news of one week delay in our premeditated deadline i.e. 21st Aug 2018, for the full-feature exchange launch.

In spite of the fact, that we shall be geared up for the launch on 21st only, we’ve still insisted on keeping the buffer period of 7 days for our exchange to undergo complete 3rd party security audit to ensure that exchange proceedings are seamless and transactions are hassle-free at both end points.

Hence, after possible alterations, the technologically upgraded and profoundly intuitive version of the exchange will now go live on 28th Aug 2018.

Other than this, we have one more important update to share with our users, which is directly in response to their query related to BEX payouts and how it can be typical for them to withdraw their assets and use them outside the ecosystem that BEX has curated.

We will now credit the payouts in USDT only, which will then be devised on the basis of trading volume in our three base currencies i.e. BEX, USDT and BTC.

The 70% of trading fees levied by the exchange in the case of base pair being BEX and BTC will now be first converted to USDT at the market rate and then will it be credited proportionately to the BEX token holders.

Meanwhile, we hope that you are ready to explore the full-feature exchange as we are, and will help us to find any pertinent problems by reporting them in our bugs section, today.

Thanks already,