Volatile Market, Stable Income: How could that be a Possibility?

“Everything is possible, only if you dare to believe in it.”

They said, we can never become successful by sharing our exchange revenues with the people, they made humongous inappropriate remarks at our ‘different’ way of functioning, they coerced us to adapt to their culture while we chose to stand out! This ideology is what made BINEX.TRADE exactly what it is today.

Our belief is a much more empowering and agile version of the current crypto market tactics that gives a better vision to the future of blockchain market.

The market is highly volatile which generated a need for StableCoin- A cryptocurrency whose value is deceptively stable.These coins are pegged against dollar and even if the value of Bitcoins, Litecoins or any such cryptocurrency, plummets, then also you will have those units of Stablecoins at large, that amount to equivalent dollars or any other fiat currency.

But, what if you don’t believe in their notion of Stablecoins being stable?

E.g. What if they run out of business or abscond with all the money that you’ve invested during the ICO?

The same is applied to all the mature, current and proposed organizations.

Every new idea is generally dealt with equally preposterous scepticism and delusive label for its creator, however, without great ideas, great innovations can never take place.

One such innovation is unfolding right in front of your eyes, i.e. Sharing the revenue generated by daily trade fees at the behest of cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Here, you’ll get 70% of our daily revenue, which will be directly credited into your account, pegged against the number of tokens that you hold.

No more beating around the bush, let’s disrupt the cryptocurrency market now and create a better approach towards cryptocurrency investments.

Visit us at https://binex.trade/ for more information, and receive 5 BEX tokens for signing up during the pre-registration.