What happens to tokens that are not sold in the token sale?

The crowdsale phenomenon is a powerful method of raising resources from the market for any entrepreneurial idea to get converted into a company. This idea dates to the 19th century when a newspaper in US had raised money from the people. In a recent trend of technological innovation and advancement, crowdsale has become more vital than yesteryears.

A recent trend of crowdsale in the cryptocurrency market suggests that more often than not the exchange company burns the tokens in given scenarios. Firstly, if they are unable to reach the hard cap during the token sale. Secondly, when they buyback the tokens after the crowdsale and burn them with a desire for a rise in the market value of that token.

In the ongoing crowdsale at BINEX.TRADE exchange, we wish to take a road less travelled by sharing the remaining BEX tokens with its existing holders at the end of the crowdsale. Since, the exchange is confident of its market space and business objectives; the unsold tokens shall be distributed proportionally amongst the BEX token holders.

At the same time, the exchange steadily wants to grow its trading base with its traders for a long-term commitment and partnership.

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