What makes BINEX.TRADE different from the other crypto exchanges?

The current proliferation of cryptocurrency exchanges has caused conundrum for an average investor to invest in new crypto-exchanges with a pinch of salt. On the other hand, bigger investors have a privilege to invest in places that give them a sense of hope and belief for a return on their investment.

The minimum limit of 100 BEX Tokens and maximum limit of 1000 BEX Tokens at the BINEX.TRADE Exchange during the current ongoing crowd sale is a choice made to foster a value system that will help each and every trader with an assured return and gives us a long-term trading partner and a co-founder of the exchange. We wish to have a platform that in principle and practice is owned by the investors, through an investment in the BEX Token of the BINEX.TRADE exchange.

We wish to nurture an ecosystem of trading that operates on the ideas of transparency of ownership for the overall welfare of traders on the exchange. We desire to have a community system with a distribution range of BEX Tokens to encourage proportional earning of the trading commission to ensure fair play.

Trading in an open market has alway been speculative in nature, therefore, the daily option of more than ⅔ payback forms the core strength of BINEX.TRADE. We thank our pre-registered users holding 5 BEX Tokens bonus and we thank in advance our anticipated users to unbox the benefiting bonus of 5 BEX Tokens.

Visit us at https://binex.trade/ for more information, while 5 BEX Tokens are awaiting you at the pre-registration.