Why is BEX token unique in the world of crypto-exchanges?

BINEX.TRADE is happy to announce that BEX token sales have started picking up slowly and steadily at the end of 25 days. Here, we take this opportunity to delve into the philosophy of BEX token for forthcoming and anticipated users before the end of token sales.

Following are the reasons that make BEX tokens work for you while trading:

  • BEX token is an equitable asset that operates on the principle of being fair and just, and gives equal privilege to every BEX token user.
  • BEX token functions on a method of dividing up gains and cost among the BEX token holders, while trading on the exchange. The gain distribution is according to the value of their individual BEX usage.
  • If the BEX token holder on a given day does not trade for some reason, then the token user takes home 70% of the trade commission proportionally distributed among the token users.
  • BEX token makes the competitive trading more cooperative and at the same time its enjoyable and gives a sense of self-assurance.
  • BEX is an ERC20 token that can be exchanged against BTC & alternate cryptocurrencies.

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