Why should you share your revenue with the users?

Revenue sharing methodology is a well tested one that encompasses multifold benefits to both

parties involved. Here, both parties imply the service provider and the user, basically the traders on the BINEX.TRADE platform.

The primary motivation for BINEX.TRADE to share back revenue is surely out of personal vision to strengthen the BEX Token community at the nascent stage of it development. Though, for the purpose of understanding of revenue sharing method, let’s begin to decode it for ourselves and the new trader in the business.

First and foremost, in our day to day activity every salaried person often falls short of some saving by the end of the month. In some cases, no saving at all. This behavior is found averagely among majority of the working population across the globe.

Secondly, in the age of technology new business are skyrocketing and mushrooming at a very fast pace. This space of competition in such scenarios requires constant motivation for people to work by making it happier for the others, and merrier for oneself.

Thirdly, this is not a new phenomenon as it has been there from the very beginning but in the last century it was only limited to big business houses and companies. At the beginning of this century the same has been incorporated with small and medium size business.

Finally, why it is unique with BINEX.TRADE?

It is so, because we are the only trading exchange to have taken profit sharing upto 70% that makes us the user friendly exchange to have attempted almost two third of the sharing back as daily payout.

In the market of crypto trading there are self-employed full-time traders who work hard to generate a salary for them by the end of the very month. If not in the form of salary, but daily pay commission to the traders shall surely work as a motivation for the BEX holding traders.

So, if you haven’t registered for BEX Token yet, then kindly visit BINEX.TRADE website to register yourself in the bonus section of BEX Token. In case you wish to buy, then you are more than welcome to encourage our endeavor, vision and effort for our growing base of BEX Token community.

Hope you have followed our ALPHA Launch, stay tuned for more on our latest updates.