Your relentless support means a lot to BINEX.TRADE!

This is our official apology since we shall not be able to offer live trading today and we are disheartened ourselves as we missed out on this crucial D Day!

As BINEX.TRADE believes in complete transparency at every stage, this intimation is to announce that Trading on the Exchange is delayed by 5 days and will now finally commence on Tuesday, 18th September 2018. In order to provide a seamless trading experience, we do not want to rush up just for the sake of offering you a platform to trade. Our objective is to provide you with a 100 percent functional features enabled platform.

Reason for Delay

As users must have observed, which can also be viewed on the exchange platform, that the BINEX Team had conducted extensive trades in the last 4–5 days with real cryptocurrencies. The users holding BEX tokens can also view it in their BEX Payouts Tab that they had received payouts for the trading conducted in the last few days. The payouts that were given were not matching the actual amount, and we observed that there is discrepancy in the BEX payouts when it’s converted to TUSD. This remedial measure could been have been ideally completed in 48 hours but we shall be utilizing the next 5 days to ensure that we conduct immense trading to test every nook and corner to make it devoid of any disparities. We are taking these additional 3 days to conduct more trading internally with all permutations and combinations and yield the desired results without any mathematical errors.

The BINEX Team is tirelessly working round the clock to make it happen and our obsession for perfection is only to ensure that we deliver what we promised!

We understand that even a hundred apologies won’t be enough but we shall consider this as serious introspection to not falter on our future commitments.

Due to this unforeseen delay, our Founders as a token of gesture have decided to deposit 1 BEX from their share to all the users registered during crowdsale before the trading goes live.

We understand your annoyance for this unprecedented delay but your relentless support means a lot to us!